Peakhill is committed to making a difference in our community. We have placed a deep emphasis on creating a lasting positive impact in our communities by working to improve the well-being of one another. We have dedicated our time to team building events including volunteering and financially supporting charitable organizations and causes. 

Peakhill continues to have a strong connection to the affordability space and has prioritized partnering with affordable housing developers. We furthered this commitment in offering lower rates to community organizations in order to facilitate the public need for affordable housing. Peakhill has committed to donating 10% of our annual revenue to local and international initiatives.


Peakhill conducts extensive due diligence throughout our underwriting process to mitigate environmental factors. A clean environmental site assessment generated within a year prior to funding is required for every loan. We feel that working with borrowers that are committed to these types of initiatives outperform other managers in the space who do not. We continue to work with borrowers that have incorporated clean, energy efficient initiatives into their buildings. As apartment lending is half of our portfolio, we tend to focus on renovation loans that include energy initiatives.


Peakhill is a CMHC insured lender, and leverages this program to promote community building, as over 50% of our loans support apartment space and Canada’s housing initiative. On a corpoate level, we promote diversity within the workplace, and aim for a multi-cultural environment, as our team is made up of 20 individuals with different faiths, race, sexual orientation and nationality.


Peakhill is regulated by FSRA (financial services regulated authority) and every province. Our associates carefully examine all documents provided by our borrower clients. Peakhill has two independent credit committee members sign off on all our loans. MNP is the auditor for the LP. Grant Thorton provides a 3rd party process review conducted by our institutional partners on our compliance, underwriting, and all credit processes. Peakhill is also audited by CMHC (Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, the housing agency of the government).

Peakhill Capital has committed and donated to more than 20 charities supporting a variety of causes including health and medical research, arts and culture, education, and youth families.